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The Jagged Edge

The Jagged Edge is a fictional novel written in the setting of the metropolitan Richmond, Virginia. It is the story of a young woman who suffered the loss of her mother in childhood and the events that followed her death. Angela Harris, a young woman, copes with her mother’s death in an extraordinary way. The main characters all play a part to deliver the story, exemplifying that faith can restore any misfortune or tragedy.

“This is Anne R. Murray’s third…..

Wounded Heart in Flight

Drawing on the successes of her previous books, this novel by Dr. Murray again echoes the maxim that “art holds up a mirror to life.” Her literary brushstrokes clearly carry the reader through a brilliantly realistic flow of life that each of us can recognize and relate to.

Anne R. Murray was born and raised near Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, to well-educated parents who adhered closely to the Christian ethos typical of natives in that part of the nation. Motivated…..

Gentle Rain of Thoughts

Gentle Rain of Thoughts is a collection of poetry featuring over 80 poems and 100 haikus. This anthology embodies the reflections of the author and is an invitation to an intimate acquaintance with her inspiriting soul.

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams is a fictional novel, written in a third person narration. The plot is suspense, adding adventure and drama. There are some terrifying moments for the main character, Crystal Johnston. Crystal illustrates that one can push forward in life with perseverance and determination.

The setting is in Cairo, Egypt, where an American student is on an expedition during the summer. Crystal is unprepared for events that happen and doesn’t know how to cope at first due to inexperience. She…..

Glimpses of the Past

Glimpses of the Past; Heritage of the Old South is an historical novel about the Old South during the Civil War. Few historical novels have presented the Old South in such a heartfelt manner with brutalities of the war.

The author brings tragedy, devastation and conflict to life in the characters. Families struggled to survive then. The war was significant to both the North and the South. The thresholds of the war are felt strongly even today.

The significant part…..

Lingering Shadows

Benjamin and Sarah did the best they could with their growing family. Benjamin was injured during the war. He sustained a knee injury that left him with crippling pain. He walked with a limp and a cane. It was difficult to harvest the fields with his injury. He sought out medical advice and received healing gradually through surgery.

Saga of the Ages

Saga of the Ages is a fictional novel, focused on the life of those before and during the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. It represents the birth of a new nation for the American people.

The setting is in Albany, New York, as characters are integrating into the original thirteen colonies. Life is not easy as the main characters, Lisa Marie Chevalier and Charles Frederick Dunn, seek to find comfort in their surroundings.

This book is a must-read for historians and history bluffs. It is set apart…..

Trail of Betrayal

Trail of Betrayal


Life was different during colonial times. People struggled to survive. After winning the American Revolutionary War, America looked forward to the future. The colonies had won a new freedom. The colonists were free to explore religious worship, without threat of government intervention. They experienced freedom to vote, to live in unity in the community and to protect their civil rights. 

Master of Disguise

Master of Disguise is a historical novel, centered on the American Revolutionary War. It is a story of courage, strength and bravery. The story depicted aspects of what happened due to the results of war.


The main characters tell of a time when life was difficult, a time that lost its innocence and a time for all to thrive on living. The historical era determined our fate and our future.


Yet, thanks to our founding fathers, Americans have…..