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“I have been stricken with three major illnesses over a short period of time. My illnesses have led me to a new spiritual connection with God. I live in the Southeast and love my family, motivating others and writing.”

Anne R. Murray is the third of four daughters, raised in a middle-class family. She grew up in the Southeastern region of the United States. She learned the importance of family unity early in life. Her family shared Christian values and beliefs.

She has been surrounded by a loving and warm family from birth to adulthood. The inner strength she learned early in life helped her while facing storms in her life. She also learned more about herself through the ordeals she endured in life.

Her last few years have been more of a struggle for survival. Anne has that “never give up” attitude and determination. She has learned to stay positive in life. She has faith in God to bring her through the more challenging and difficult times.

She is awaiting a medical breakthrough for complete physical healing and health restoration. She leans more on God to give her strength and courage as she receives treatments. She is searching to find an alternate treatment and believing that full physical manifestation will occur one day.